The Alliance for Heart Failure is a coalition of charities, patient groups, professional bodies and healthcare companies working together to raise the profile of heart failure in Government, the NHS and media.

info-graphics-people Good medical therapy can greatly improve survival and quality of life among patients with heart failure. The Alliance wants to see life-enhancing and life-saving treatments for heart failure made more widely available through NHS multidisciplinary specialist heart failure teams.

The Alliance wants to improve on the current numbers
surrounding heart failure in the UK:

More Statistics

Twice as many heart failure patients who are not treated on cardiology wards die (14% of all patients, vs 7%).


Men are more likely to have input from a heart failure specialist or cardiologist than women.


1 in 5 patients admitted to hospital with symptoms of heart failure are not seen by a heart specialist.


Up to 40% of people diagnosed with heart failure die within one year.


Less than a third of patients say their GP ordered a blood test for heart failure.


Heart failure is 1 of 5 long-term conditions responsible for 75% of unplanned hospital admissions.