info-graphics-peopleThe Alliance for Heart Failure
was established in September 2015. A coalition of charities, patient groups, professional bodies and healthcare companies, its purpose is to raise the profile of heart failure in Government, the NHS and the media and improve outcomes for people with heart failure.

Members of the Alliance collaborate on overarching policy issues with the aim of securing prioritisation of heart failure and extending access to existing first-class care, treatment and services from the NHS to make it available to everyone with heart failure.

Objectives for 2022

The Alliance is focusing on three core strategic objectives in 2022:

  1. A national programme: continuing to build on positive engagement with national stakeholders to raise the profile of heart failure
  2. A regional programme: to support regional cardiac networks in delivering heart failure services
  3. The heart failure community: continuing to build grassroots support among heart failure professionals

The Alliance for Heart Failure launched its Heart Failure: A Call to Action report in 2021. The report looks at the progress that has been made on the 2016 ‘Focus on Heart Failure’ recommendations, evaluates what further action needs to be taken, and proposes ten new recommendations for improvements. This weaves into all three core objectives for the year, with a focus on communicating the new recommendations to drive awareness and change.

Read our latest update.


Membership of the Alliance for Heart Failure is open to charities, patient groups, professional bodies, public sector organisations and corporate members across the UK with an interest in heart failure.

Individual members remain independent, but the shared mission to deliver timely diagnosis and improve access to the right care and support is strengthened by joining forces and through collaboration.

Current Alliance for Heart Failure member organisations are:

Steering Group

The Alliance is a coalition of member organisations, and the Steering Group comprises individuals from these member organisations.

There are two Co-chairs to the Steering Group, appointed on a 12 month rolling tenure.  Current Co-chairs are:

  • Louise Clayton, Advanced Nurse Practitioner – appointed December 2019
  • Joel Rose, Chief Executive at Cardiomyopathy UK – appointed December 2021


The Alliance is supported and funded by Abbott, AstraZeneca UK, Boehringer Ingelheim Limited, Medtronic UK Ltd, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, and Roche Diagnostics Ltd.